4 Ways to Achieve Success

We all have hopes and dreams, but sadly, not all of us reach them in our lifetimes. We all deserve to reach our goals, but this isn’t going to happen without a little (well, a lot) of work. Luckily, there are several ways to can ensure that you are putting yourself on the path to success!

Here are 4 key items that differentiate those who succeed from those who do not: 1. Successful people practice healthy daily habits Tom Corley is the author of Rich Habits, and spent 5 years studying the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people with very little. Tom found that the vast majority of wealthy people practiced healthy daily habits, including:

  • Daily exercise to keep energy levels up and weight in a healthy range

  • Spending around 30 minutes per day reading education books or taking in information to spark inspiration and increase knowledge

  • Participated in “extra-curricular” activities after work two days a week, like volunteering or attending networking events

On the other hand, Tom found that those living in poverty practiced daily habits that were just the opposite (watched a lot of TV, did not exercise, did not strive for self-improvement. The simple truth here is that the small actions you take each and every day either build upon your path to success, or they take you further down the path to poverty (or staying the same). Take a look at the things you do every day – are these actions (or inactions) sending you down the right path? If not, what can you do to flip those negative habits into positive ones?

2. Successful people think positively and confidently Wealthy people tend to have a positive, confident mindset. Negative thought patterns and negative self-talk are the biggest roadblocks that keep anyone from success. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you are not smart enough or ready enough to begin striving for your goals, it’s going to be very difficult to get there! Successful people do not let negative thoughts stand in their way. They have learned to remove the negative beliefs that they have about themselves and replace them with self-encouraging talk. Do you hold yourself back with negative beliefs? Take a day to simply notice what you say to yourself. Are you putting yourself down? Make it a daily practice to acknowledge the negative thoughts and shut them down with positive ones. Eventually, the positive thought patterns will become your natural way of thinking. 3. Successful people break down dreams into step-by-step action items Without a clear road map to success, you’re sure to make plenty of wrong turns! Successful people not only set clear goals for themselves, they break these goals down into small daily tasks. For example, if your goal is to make $5,000 this month freelancing, a successful person would break this goal down. If each client brings in an average of $500, then they must secure 10 clients per month. If they need to make 3 referral calls to gain one new customer, they must make 30 referral calls per month, or one each day. The successful person would put this one referral call each day into their daily routine in order to ensure they reach their goal. On the other hand, many people never reach their goals because they don’t see the road to reaching it. Without breaking it down into manageable pieces, it can be very overwhelming to even take that first step. 4. Successful people show up even when they don’t feel like it Building on the last key, successful people show up daily to chip away at their goals, even when they’re not in the mood. They realize that getting work done is not a matter of always feeling inspired, and that often, that inspiration only comes once they get started. Successful people are consistent with taking the necessary steps to reach their goals, whether this means learning new information, creating new content, meeting new people, or – most likely – all of the above! You CAN be as successful as you imagine. Turn these keys into daily practices, and in time, you will be surprised with your progress!

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