Antonio Wilbur

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Meet Antonio, CEO of Avaler Business Solutions!

While Antonio no longer works at Company 9, he is a director with our company. He also runs his own company, Avaler Business Solutions. An alum of The University of Toledo, Antonio earned his BA in Communication, and his BBA in Sales. Additionally, he has gained hands-on experience working at Company 9.

"Never let your obstacles be bigger than your dream. No matter what you look to accomplish in life." - Antonio Wilbur

Antonio has known Jacob for some time. Not only are they both UT alums, but they also worked together prior to Company 9's formation. Antonio decided to work for Company 9 to get the the opportunity to advance his career, as well as reach and set new goals for himself. He also respect's Jacob's integrity as CEO.

Antonio's biggest accomplishment as finishing the management training program in six months, which is the fastest time in Company 9's history. He cites those who were part of this journey as a big reason for this accomplishment. This was not without setbacks, however. For him, the biggest obstacle was having to leave his seven month old daughter with her mother in another city while he worked for six months at the company. Antonio was only able to see his daughter for two days a week while living in a two bedroom apartment with ten other roommates.

Antonio has the following advice for those who are looking to go down his career path:

"Never let your obstacles be bigger than your dream. No matter what you look to accomplish in life. School, dance, art, relationships, or even a position with a job like Company 9. You have to decide one day that you are going to complete what you set your mind to in life."

He also has this to say if you're looking to go far in business: "If you're looking for an opportunity to create a better you. To grow as a person and in business, and to be able to help and watch others grow, then Company 9 would be a great company for you."

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