Joe Funk

Updated: Mar 9

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Joe Funk is the CEO of Excelsius LLC, a Direct Sales, Marketing, and Management company. He brings a wide range of work experience to help Company 9 succeed.

Originally raised in Michigan, Joe has both education and hands-on experience. For one, he has spent four years serving in the Marine Corps. He has taken various college courses, as well as tech training in automotive work. Joe joined Company 9 through a business partnership and, after discovering the opportunities available to him, decided to continue working with them. As a result, he wound up being promoted to Office Director, as well as forming his own company.

The most difficult obstacle was improving his self-belief. However, by gaining additional knowledge and acting on them, he was able to get results in his work. He believes that these results helped him gain more confidence.

His advice for those looking to be in his position are the following: "You will never become successful if you don't show up," and "Winners don't quit, quitters don't win!"


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