What to Do When You Keep Hearing No

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to have thick skin. You will hear no multiple times from different people. Starting out in this business, we understand that every no you hear can feel personal...and it can sting. Many are not used to constant rejection. The more you dwell on rejection and hearing "no," the harder it can be to make progress. Here are some actions you can start doing to avoid taking no personally and ultimately reduce the amount of time it takes to bounce back!

Look for the no’s.

I have heard from other sales and customer service experts, for every one yes you should expect at least nine no’s. The sooner you can get through the no’s, the sooner you can get to the yes. When you start looking for a no, there is very little disappointment, because your expectations are set appropriately.

Talk to your champions.

Make a list of two or even three of your own personal champions. These individuals should be your most upbeat friends or coworkers and biggest advocates. (The last thing you need is a person who will point out that the rejection had some validity.) If they are real champions, you will leave your conversation with them excited for your chance to prove your naysayers wrong.

Not every no is a bad thing.

No’s can have large setbacks on your business if you let them get the best of you. When you are in sales or customer service, you have to be able to step back and objectively reflect on your progress or your pitch if you want to be successful and accomplish something that others will value. Take your next no, reflect and then iterate. And remember, no is part of the process, so do not take it personally. Now that you know how to handle the no's, here's how you can try and change them to a YES!

When you hear the word no, do not get emotional or take it personally.  Simply realize there is too much risk associated with the decision or that the person you are trying to influence still has too many unanswered questions. Find out what is missing and then address it if you can. It’s that simple.

Realize that no one is ever 100% satisfied with their decision. You may have bought the car of your dreams but did not like the price you paid. To gain buy-in in to your ideas and offers, realize you just need to get someone to a satisfaction level of 70% or more.  Once you are in this area, you have a good shot of getting the person to accept.

Sales and influence is often about timing.  You know the old saying, “timing is everything in life,”right? NO today does not mean NO forever.  It may be that the time is simply not right.  If you believe in your idea/offer and the benefits your customer will realize, keep going back at a pace where you are not being viewed as a pest.  Eventually, the timing may turn into your favor.

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